About us

Tourism is a lifetime love story, having completed 5 years of tourism studies and with my National Tourist guide license in hand, I travelled abroad and throughout France trying numerous jobs within the industry Hotel receptionist, Reservation agent, housekeeper, head waitress , restaurant cashier, tour leader, touristic guide, timeshare sales… Having learned what each of these jobs had to offer … I moved on, happy years full of experiences.

In 1990, my first experience in a French DMC , was a revelation ! All the pieces of the puzzle joined themselves, all the experiences collected in the past years took on a new meaning …

How pleasant it is to speak with suppliers when you know their job and their needs ! How pleasant it is to create programs when you know both sides of the river bank which permit you to offer the best of all sides.

I started working with Spanish & South American markets, then with Greek & Turkish markets, and since 1996 North American and Hungarian markets, which was a fantastic window to the world’s cultures, an insight from which I have benefitted greatly.

In 2001, I created an Incoming department in a Parisian Incentive Travel Agency, 5 years of great experiences, experiences which led me to …. create my own company in 2006, and here you have CLICK PARIS ! Welcome

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